Yet few benefit from them.

The chance to receive prescription medicines. For 20 years nearly, Martinez endured the burning up, itching and discomfort from psoriasis, a skin condition that appears as dry, red patches on the skin. Recently retired, Martinez used over-the-counter medicines and other substitute therapies to avoid having to pay out a significant amount for prescription medications; neither helped to ease the flares. Martinez went online and found Avenue to Access, the patient assistance system that Elorac set up in collaboration with the National Psoriasis Foundation.Additional Phase 2 research are planned for 2011 to help expand elucidate the unique clinical great things about AR-12286. ‘We are gratified and encouraged by this strong display of support from an outstanding group of leading life sciences investors,’ stated Tom van Haarlem, MD, President and CEO of Aerie. ‘Glaucoma is definitely still the second leading cause of visible disability and blindness nowadays. We are excited about the prospect of Aerie’s compounds to offer multiple, differentiated and improved treatment options for an incredible number of patients experiencing this widespread, degenerative disease.’ With the financing, Dennis Henner, PhD, Managing Director at Clarus Ventures, joined Aerie’s Panel of Directors.