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This unit may also build up a data source of different pores and skin phenotypes along with healthy epidermis of different Asian ethnic groups, which could be utilized for studies ranging from genetic and epidemiologic research to consumer product tests. Dr Benjamin Seet, Executive Director of the Biomedical Analysis Council at A*STAR, said, ‘Singapore provides an ideal location for companies to undertake research and product development to meet the demands of Asia's diverse customers. Besides dealing with pharmaceutical businesses, our researchers are currently working with a few of the world's largest personal caution companies, a number that have expanded their R&D activities here.There is large range of products in the marketplace that achieve similar results, which range from hydrogen peroxide, home cures, to different antibacterial creams. All are concentrating on the after-the fact remedies. Just remember, you aren’t alone which is a issue that has been affecting people for years and years.

Within this outreach, ASIPP is rolling out a customer section on its internet site ( that includes information about the latest diagnostic procedures and technologies, along with an online directory of Interventional Pain Physicians who are professionals at both finding the cause of discomfort and treating it before it becomes a chronic or worsening problem.