Whats surprising is that people kept it out for so long.

Stallions could serve mares in the northern hemisphere and then shuttle to Australia and serve mares to your breeding and racing calendar. If travelling was too dangerous for a stallion, then mares could be sent overseas. Australian mares were delivered to Japan to end up being mated with Sunday Silence in the late 1990s. The different breeding periods, and improved transport technology, be able to manipulate time and space to improve income. Globalisation increases the threat of disease spreading between locations, and across different breeds.2) IT OFFERS YOU SOME ALONE Period: – There are numerous distractions during the day that prevent you from having some alone time. When you awaken first thing in the morning you are focussed on planning for work. Then when you can work you consider the duties that are presented for you. If you visit the gym or an evening class after work you then are surrounded by other folks. When you finally arrive home in the evening there are further distractions like the Internet, TV and family, friends or flatmates. However, if you go running you can escape from all this and get some good alone time. You can use this alone period to get your thoughts, reflect on the day which has passed and de-stress.