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‘Until recently, Doctors have used only as a measure of lung function in COPD severity, ‘Cote said. ‘But we have come a long way in our understanding of this disease, and we know now that applies during COPD on the respiratory tract, but also has an enormous impact on the peripheral muscles, cardiovascular system and nutritional status , it is a multi – systemic disease eriactaranbaxy.net . ‘ respiratory function we will look at other organ system impairment and then opportunity opportunity for intervention. Traditional – ‘ is Understanding that COPD can affect many aspects of health of the patient doctors more tools to treat patients, Dr. Said ‘the doctors have only for airway obstruction that does not respond well has to drug treatment and a tendency deteriorate as a person ages, the disease seemed poorly treatable and minimally reversible looked. But on an overall assessment, looking at a patient’s nutritional status, exercise capacity and symptoms, it is possible to treat COPD because such impairment intervention inaccessible. ‘.

These differences can be seen playing a role in the increased death rate in the female patients with COPD, said researcher Claudia Cote, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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VEGF-D serum tests – A Jan. Letter to the editor published to NEJM, reports University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in research said the serum VEGF-D can be one clinically provide useful diagnostic trial of LAM. Vascular endothelial growth factors be is an important angiogenic growth factor producing from malignant cells. And co registered increased levels of of VEGF-D, however not VEGF-A or VEGF – C patients with LAM.