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Comparative Study of In Vivo Lymphatic Sealing Capability of the Porcine Thoracic Duct With LigaSureV, UC Irvineyrus Trissector, Harmonic ACE Scalpel, EnSeal and monopolar scissors. Geoffrey N Box, Hak J buy zithromax . Lee, Jose Benito Abraham A, Leslie A Deane, Erick R Elchico, Corollos S Abdelshehid, Reza Alipanah, Michael B. Taylor, Lorena Andrade, Robert A. Edwards, James F. Borin, Elspeth M McDougall, Ralph V. Clayman UC Irvine, presents a comparative study of the lymphatic leakage from several frequently used laparoscopic dissection devices. They showed that all energy sealing devices based consistently could adequately seal lymphatic supraphysiological levels, however, were not the monopolar scissors to produce a uniform seal. This has led to a change in the surgical technique at their institution. An energy-based sealing device will now instead of monopolar cautery, if used dissection of the renal hilum.

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