This technique is called immunotherapy.

Researchers are making progress with a method for helping children with food allergies develop a tolerance for foods they could not eat otherwise? This technique is called immunotherapy. The basic idea is to increase an allergic child extremely small amounts of the allergen and. Dosage over time.

Multisite At 22 months of treatment, 75 percent of children who received the immunotherapy were called ‘desensitized ‘to eggs. It will this type of thing 10 years before this kind of thing could be generally available, says Burks.. Have you or your child suffer from food allergies? Share your comments below.The immunotherapy approach has already been tried with peanuts and milk in small studies.With food allergies on the rise even more strained and no clear answer about its causes, parents of allergic children waiting for the development of of an effective treatment to prevent life-threatening reactions.$ 500 million in for the NIH subsidies for study in cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and other illnesses; – to improve $ 350 million to hospital care in Louisiana and Mississippi, – and $ 172m USDA to upgrade computer programs implementing the Farm Bill.