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In October 1999firm new form of Rett syndrome proteinAdrian Bird and Skirmantas Kriaucionis the University of Edinburgh form of protein form of the protein MeCP2. This alternate form, coined MeCP2 alpha, differs from the original only in the first 19 amino acids. Interestingly, found Adrian Bird, director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh that MeCP2 alpha, is ten times more common not only in the brain but also in other tissues.

‘currently, about 15 percent of patients with a clinical diagnosis of RTT are tested negative for mutations in the gene MECP2 this development may help to further identify mutations in exon 1 of Incorporation of this clinical trial will be important for the families and provide provide scientific evidence ‘, Monica Coenraads, Director of Research, said for the Rett Syndrome research Foundation .. ‘The recognition that this new form of MeCP2 is the most common form of MeCP2 in the brain and raises interesting questions about possible functional differences between the two proteins, ‘said Zoghbi.Comforting study demonstrates Quality-of-life advantages of from HRT.

A large international study about the effects of HRT of quality of life shows that HRT considerably to improve the well being of for women with menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and overnight sweating. The results of the WISDOM study is to be at on Friday, watch note embargoes see description above). To study health-related quality of life five thousand six hundred ninety-two healthy females the age of 50 to 69 in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.