There will also food and drink run.

Staff offer sexual health information and advice for young people during the open day and the testing clinic will There will those who want to use it. There will also food and drink run, entertainment and activities of youth workers.

The full address of the clinic ‘s Eastside Youth Centre, 62 Parnell Road, Hospital For information contact 020 7812 1726 or call 020 8983 9042 to sexual health advice to employees.Chang said that her studies Child family experiences. Their sister lived suffered from mental disorders and Chang, such difficult to. Disease on her sister , her family and her sister’s family health professional research has become a personal quest, and me hope that it will bringing view more focus of at the issue of maternal depression,’she said. ‘The health-care professionals must doing a better job of screening of of this debilitating and among – diagnosis sickness. ‘.

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