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Some algae How very salty environments tolerateproteins that enable unique proteins that unicellular alga unicellular alga called Dunaliella salina salinity salinity. These findings could help provide opportunities crops resist progressive accumulation of salt in the soil, the world’s a major limitation to agricultural productivity.

Since its discovery in 1905, D. Salina has to study a convenient model organism to general mechanisms of salt adaptation in algae and plants. Previous studies have shown that in very salty environments, the alga is the plasma membrane – this is a barrier that protects it from the outside world – great changes that are expected to play a role in salt tolerance are experiencing.In the year 2008 became a implementing Last fast-track the program where were patients with cancer or potential cancer patients where top priority the Danish health care systems. Addition, a telephone hotline, reserved slot for ENT and pediatric radiology teaching file, implement faster pathology reports, and twice a week multidisciplinary tumor boards and Hospital and of paper transfers are removed that the rising waiting time.

To a decline in tumor progression and lower the risk of patients local recurrence and death, which the government the government reducing the costs for the treatment of a cancer patient.. Research of the Danish Head and Neck Cancer Group compared to dates from 474 patients dealt the year 2002 or accordance with the and after the Fast Track the program have. The median duration of from first contact with a of the healthcare provider primary care was 41 days in 2010 reduced significantly from 69 days in 2002. – While it to tell too soon that the shorter waiting time had a significant effect on tumor control of or survive, our study shows that the treatment waiting time significantly by prioritizing patients with cancer and that most patients and health can be reduced pros the passing lane the fast track systems are, Cai cast, principal author of the study and professor of radiation oncology at Aarhus University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, of a cancer patient waiting period is more than probable.