The study included participated 16 boys with autism.

The study included participated 16 boys with autism, of whom six had normal language development, 9 boys with SLI and 11 without developmental disabilities. As in the earlier study included only boys because autism affects mostly men. The boys ranged in age from 6 to 13 and all were right-handed. Detailed magnetic resonance imaging studies participants participants in the brains of and the data. Using advanced techniques that provide detailed information about specific anatomical regions.

The right side was greatest in patients with the most severe disabilities. In the autistic boys with normal language development Broca’s area was seen greater on the left side, as in normal controls. – ‘It seems clear differences in developmental biology neuroanatomy in these two diseases,’says Harris. ‘In boys with normal language skills tend handedness and language to be in the same hemisphere dominant, but for those with speech problems, A central question a split. A key question to keep track of whether the language dominance dichotomy results from the speech or whether development in in opposite hemispheres leads to language disorganization. ‘Harris added that future studies should be whether these results also seen in adults with autism and, if enough participants enrolled, are seen in women with autism.Spokesman, said Questions HHS to alleged allowing change the contents of to the CDC Conference Panel on STI, Abstinence Education.