The smaller his or her total brain volume will be.

Alcohol associated with brain shrinkage According to the latest research alcohol consumption shrinks the brain and the more alcohol an individual drinks, the smaller his or her total brain volume will be. The U.S. Experts say people who drink more than two cups of wine a time are at a greater threat of suffering memory complications in later years than non drinkers and drinking a lot more than 14 alcoholic drinks a week speeds up the standard process whereby the brain shrinks with age group. Their study shows that the brains of individuals who drank more than two beverages a day shrunk by 25 percent more than non-drinkers – brain shrinkage has been linked to memory complications and the onset of dementia.ANTI-OBESITY WORKSHOP ELEGANZA SKIN REJUVENATION CLINIC, J2/6A, RAJOURI Backyard, NEW DELHI.

AAN, PDF honor Boston researcher with Clinician Scientist Advancement Award A clinician scientist at Massachusetts General Medical center in Boston receives $240,000 to further his study into how stem cells enable you to treat Parkinson’s disease through the American Academy of Neurology Basis and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Clinician Scientist Development Award in Parkinson’s Disease Study. Vikram Khurana, MD, PhD, a medical fellow in neurology at Massachusetts General Medical center, was awarded the fellowship for his proposed study into stem cells generated from the skin of people living with Parkinson’s disease and how these cells enable you to understand and treat Parkinson’s disease.