The majority of doctors agree

The majority of doctors agree, that they their clinic or their clinic or health care organization to improve patient safety. Nearly all physicians agreed that she needed to know about errors in their organization to improve patient safety, and 89 % agreed that they discuss errors with their colleagues.

Because most doctors think that current systems to report and information about errors are inadequate, they rely instead on informal discussions with their peers. Consequently, important information about medical errors and how to prevent not often hospital hospital or health care organization, says the study, which is published in the January / February issue of Health Affairs. As a result of such information for analysis for analysis and systematic improvement. – ‘These results throw light on an important question – how error – reporting programs that provide clinicians to encourage participation,’said AHRQ Director Carolyn M. MD ‘Doctors say they want from their mistakes, the learn in their acquisition. Improve patient safety. March 2004. Have on that willingness with error – reporting programs that build to encourage their participation. ‘.

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