The Journal of Visualized Experiments.

One explanation for this phenomenon is that Swedes are among the fastest people in the world to embrace new technologies. I believe we are a extremely curious people and thinking about new points, said Dr. Caroline Kampf, a researcher from Uppsala University in Sweden who’s in the process of publishing an article in JoVE. I believe that we have become thinking about innovative items. There are many metrics to support this, including the Connectivity Scorecard statement, created in 2008 by London Business College Professor Leonard Waverman.This is revealed by a work published in Nature Communications. Carmen Sandi's team visited look for answers in an area of the hippocampus known because of its involvement in behavior and cognitive skills. In there, scientists were interested in a molecule, the nectin-3 cell adhesion protein, whose part is to make sure adherence, at the synaptic level, between two neurons. Situated in the postsynaptic part, these proteins bind to the molecules of the presynaptic portion, thus ensuring the synaptic function. However, the researchers found that on rat versions suffering from chronic stress, nectin-3 molecules were reduced in number significantly.