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Source: John Murphy, Mayo Clinic – Although medications can help to prolong the lives of people with chronic heart failure, several factors, with the disease with this condition associated with a person’s ability in in disturbing and sexual activities . Fatigue, depression, medication side effects and the fear of damaging the heart can people with chronic heart failure lose interest in sex or wonder whether this activity is safe for them, cause.

The completion of the Phase 2 study, from performed in nine different centers in the U.S., paving now the way for the Phase 3 trial – the final step needed before Acrux seeks approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies in Europe and Australia. ‘The Testosterone MD – Lotion delivery mechanism is a significant advance over conventional treatments such as gels, of 2009, and injections, the quick-drying lotion directly into the patient’s armpit using a ‘no-touch ‘applicator, in much the same way as a deodorant, ‘said Dr. Richard Treagus, CEO of Acrux.

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Accutane for treating Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia