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Orthokine treatment for knee arthritis, even after two years – confirmed long study effectiveness of autologous therapyThe results of a two-year representative study of osteoarthritis of the knee, in the internationally renowned journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage published confirm the safety and effectiveness Orthokine where inflammatory proteins from the patient’s own blood arthritic joint was injected into the arthritic joint. Researcher Heinrich -Heine University in D sseldorf conducted a longitudinal study to determine the most effective treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee www.ventolininhaleronline.net . They compared the effect of injections of Orthokine, hyaluronic acid and placebo in 310 patients with arthritis over a period of two years. Hyaluronic acid, a common lubricant is often used for treatment of arthritis. Saline was used as a placebo. The two-year results confirm our previous studies: Orthokine provides long-term relief of pain and dysfunction in many patients and does so more effectively than similar treatments in the meantime, CEO of Orthogen, on Friday in D? sseldorf.

‘Osteoarthritis and Cartilage ‘is a respected scientific journal (impact factor of 4, which publishes only original, peer-reviewed research into new methods for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

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Wendy Demark – Wahnefried Professor of behavioral sciences of the University of Texas MD Anderson focused the trial finding survivors older than 65 years. She said that in this age group often suffers from long-term adverse events from cancer and its treatment, irrespective ability to live independently. ‘More recent patients with cancer tend to be in a position back on its feet but older patient may do a structured program button to stop functional reduction and maintain the independence,’said Demark – Wahnefried. Week by Demark – Wahnefried and colleagues identified 20,015 cancer the survivors from cancer registries and self-related resources. Of these cases, 1,208 were screened and 641 participants have been enrolled in the study. Survive to be received , patients was over 65 years, their cancer getting of with no signs with no evidence of a relapse, not have medical conditions that are would preclude unsupervised practice, and be obese or overweight.

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Stair climbing, Wear groceries, taking a shower. These are the activities that we take it for granted, but after a cancer diagnose, many survivors have not know using like they operate Home-based nutrition and physical activity operations can improve physical function in older, long-term cancer survivors, according to the American Association for Cancer Research Seventh Annual International Conference on introduced on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research.