Note: All HHS press releases.

Note: All HHS press releases,Elan Corporation, plc and Biogen Idec today announced that the European Medicines Agency want submit an application for approval of ANTEGREN as a treatment for Crohn ANTEGREN be submitted for approval for Crohn’s disease in Europe. The companies expect the filing in the fourth quarter of the year to present.

Secretary Thompson notified Russian Health Minister Mikhail Zurabov and other officials that the selected Global Fund Board to award the grants to Russia at its meeting this week in Geneva, Switzerland this. Grant for the second year, the Global Fund awarded money to Russia for a $ 88,000 HIV / AIDS grant and a $ 10,000 grant last year tuberculosis.Up to last month, there was no specific FDA-approved medical treatment Cushing’s syndrome, and while the re approved medication of mifepristone would arrive some benefits patients, is not to the hypophysis spring which condition and reduce levels of cortisol.. One of several Cushing syndrome Cushing’s syndrome – chronically raised excretion of the hormone cortisol – Cushing sickness is benign tumor of the hypophysis, of the hormone ACTH inducing Overland secretion, increased. Cortisol secretion caused by a adrenal symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome include weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings, irregular or absent periods, anomalies the glucose processing of – of insulin resistance, glucose intolerance and diabetes type 2.