MD is one of the first doctors in the usa certified by the American Table of Addiction Medicine.

ABAM addresses the necessity for treating patients with addiction issues by introducing a fresh certification The American Plank of Addiction Medicine has addressed the significant need for treatment of patient’s with addiction issues through the establishment of a new certification in the field of addiction medicine LevitraPrix.Net . Cesar L. Benarroche, MD is one of the first doctors in the usa certified by the American Table of Addiction Medicine, a new independent medical specialty board. The ABAM has begun to certify addiction medicine physicians from many specialties. Previously, there existed only addiction-related plank certifications for psychiatrists. ABAM has generated standards for physician education, assessment of doctors’ knowledge, and requires the monitoring of life-long doctor continuing education.

.. AAWC develops series of brochures in Spanish for epidermis treatment and care of wounds The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care has developed three educational brochures for the care of skin and treatment of wounds. Trusted by clinicians as a reference for patients and their caregivers, AAWC converted the brochures into Spanish due to popular demand recently. The AAWC’s objective is to develop a series of brochures, spanning various kinds skincare wound and topics disorders. Presently, the association has available the next brochures: The ABC’s of Skin and Wound Treatment, which addresses the care of abrasions, bruises, skin and cuts tears. The brochures are invaluable, comprising useful information for those who suffer not only with a skin issue but also with a low budget.