In the name of Dr.

Remember, you are modeling for your children. Do not feel guilty, you are only an effective parent.. In the name of Dr. Esther AASM offers following sleep hygiene tips for all mothers:1 out of bed the same time every morning. Make your bedroom cool and comfortable. Not to try stay in bed and sleep. If in 10-15 minutes, you are sleep fall asleep, move move to another room and do something distracting, but not stimulating. Read or maybe quietly listening to music. Use the bedroom for sleep and sex. This is not the place to pay bills, watch TV, eat , Non – clock clock. Avoid alcohol before bedtime. Avoid caffeine after noon.

Remember, though, that a parent, you are the next generation of modeling how to coordinate a busy schedule and still find time can healthy habits, including healthy sleep habits. This means, over time, before bed bed .. Susie Esther, medical director of the Sleep Center at South Park, a part of Charlotte Eye, Nose and Throat Associates, and a member of the AASM Board of Directors, for the next generation challenges of today’s mothers comes from shift work schedules. Further, said Esther, more and more of today’s mothers are trying, both to spend time with their children and work outside the home as well. – This can lead to deprivation and daytime sleepiness, sleep, and physical symptoms such as worsening of mood, frequent infections, marked irritability, and weight gain, said Esther.Women before or in menopause and have are at risk for obesity and heart disease to benefit from increasing their levels of physical activity, according to the researchers at Kansas State University.

The researchers Remember that abdominal obesity is being of the development of cardiovascular disease, the leading killer of American women are, especially in late pre-and early postmenopause periods of time. – could be as to minimize the ability of of exercise on abdominal obesity was strong incentives to pre-menopausal women to more being physically active, the researchers write. Welfare Contact: Kelly Liebbe 312-899-4769 American Dietetic Association.