In cases of emergency.

– Herbert efforts are underway to displaced employees with other home health colleagues who are willing to to accommodate them could connect ‘Some we will be able to jobs with other agencies working working to connect collect the increase. Of patients from New Orleans, Metairie, or in other areas temporarily temporarily uninhabitable ‘.. In cases of emergency, where the weather is threatening life and limb or power supply fails, home care providers often join the ranks of first responders along with police and fire But Katrina reminds us that many homecare staff also try themselves, to escape the danger are in need.

Warren Hebert, Managing Director of Home Care Association of Louisiana estimates that as many as 2000 home care staff from their homes from their homes in the flooded area of New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner. He said: ‘Initial estimates are that the dam repair and pumping water out will take weeks or months. ‘.Nation Clinical Director of diabetic, said Dr. Sue Roberts:’This report clearly shows that frontline an employee have made significant progress in enhancing diabetes service made needing at a time if increasing numbers of people is diagnosed a major demand. In service, Today, we are – the reply to the diabetes community was great.

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