In an content released on the ABC affiliate marketer WFAA internet site [1].

Besser informed ABC News. [1] I would never have gone into an Ebola ward in Africa without having to be dressed and decontaminated by experts – – healthcare workers right here should expect believe it or not. And yet the Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Duncan, was permitted to end up being treated in a hospital that clearly didn’t have the gear or training to successfully contain the Ebola virus. The risks of the situation are just compounded by the CDC’s continued insistence that Ebola can only just be spread through direct contact with body liquids and for that reason cannot infect health workers who are wearing isolation gear. Before CDC comes clean and admits that Ebola could be pass on via contaminated areas and aerosolized particles, health workers will continue to underestimate the potential of Ebola’s transmission vectors.Such methods will be particularly useful for heavy people and drinkers with an addiction to alcohol, Rose added. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funded the scholarly study. ‘Epidemiological, clinical, and laboratory evidence indicate a behavioral link between using tobacco and alcohol use obviously,’ Rose said. ‘The mixed use of cigarettes and alcohol presents health risks in addition to the dangers posed by smoking alone, and thus constitutes a serious public medical condition which deserves additional research attention. Specifically, understanding the pharmacological basis of the interaction between alcoholic beverages and nicotine could lead to the development of effective strategies for treating the drugs’ dual use.’ Eighty to 90 % of alcoholics smoke – – a rate three times that of the general population, he said.