IIF Indirect immunofluorescence method for the screening of autoantibodies to ZP.

IIF Indirect immunofluorescence method for the screening of autoantibodies to ZP. In this procedure, the pig oocytes from ovaries obtained from the slaughterhouse to be isolated, were used. The porcine oocytes were incubated in the sera and follicular fluids tested in 1:10 dilution of the serum sample and 1:4 for follicular fluid samples.

Bratanov led by Assoc. Maria D. Ivanova, the occurrence and the role of these autoantibodies were studed in infertile women who participate in the programs of assisted reproduction. The prevalence of autoantibodies to ZP and autoantibodies to GCs 21.55 percent shown in infertile women , compared to fertile women 5, 71 percent and 3.85 percent) are. Our studies on the biological role of this autoantibody antiovarian showed their negative relationship with the response to hormonal stimulation and to the output IVF ET in infertile women. Based on the results obtained and the results of other authors for clinical signifificance of antiovarian autoantibodies in diagnosing of the causes of infertility in women, and the adoption of approaches in assisted reproduction, the immunological methods were developed for the screening of autoantibodies ZP and to GCs in serum and follicular fluid of women:..Researchers understood the chemical part in gene expression in but they know bit about the Physics and. To UM group of is considered the first actually demonstrate a mechanical effect at work this process be. Their work is published in in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters. Show that have shown that low forces units machinery, the gene turns on and off There is more to genetic regulation as the biochemistry We at of the mechanics, said Jens-Christian Meiners in, associate Professor at the Dept. Of Physics and Director the biophysik the program.