Fire Safety is the first of four childrens DVDs the organizations for the release in 2008 planned acheter Bactrim antibiotique.

The DVD launch the goal of the alliance between the Red Cross and constantly reaffirmed Safety4Kids children about the importance of safety through on-and off-air initiatives. Fire Safety is the first of four children’s DVDs the organizations for the release in 2008 planned acheter Bactrim antibiotique . In the episode I ‘m Bigger Than You children learn , how to help families to fires and the importance of a family escape plan in case of fire done to prevent. This fun-filled episode makes learning fire safety easy for preschoolers through amusing puppets, jokes and memorable songs. American Red Cross Safety4Kids chose fire as their first DVD project in response to startling new statistics about the dangers of children and fire. Attributed according to the U.S. Fire Administration and National Fire Protection Association, each year approximately 300 people die in fires die children play with fire, with two of three fires of this type caused by children playing with matches or lighters. More more, children under five die twice as often in a home fire as the rest of the U.S. Population. Schauspielhaus SeeMore a wonderful platform to the children about to children about safety and preparedness, said Darlene Sparks Washington, American Red Cross, Director of the preparation. By entertaining and fun, we help children on life-saving information in an environment that appeals them them. We are so thankful that Safety4Kids this amazing this amazing public education opportunity and for supporting the work of the Red Cross to learn. Preschoolers,e two-time Emmy winning program SeeMore Playhouse has developed a first-of-its-kind public television series for children to entertain preschoolers, while teaching them the vital basics of safety through puppetry, animation, live action and. The program stars SeeMore the Safety Seal and his colorful friends teaching children a variety of safety and wellness classes. Each episode SeeMore and his pals their their Hollywood friends for the always fun Knock-Knock! Time Time with cameo appearances by stars such as Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet Member Bradley Whitford, Kevin Bacon, Heather Graham, Tim Daly, Camryn Manheim, Fran Drescher, Gilbert Gottfried and Jill Scott. During its second season, SeeMore Playhouse through Safety4Kids and King Features coproduced Syndicate and airs on PBS affiliates nationwide and in Spanish on Fox’s National Geographic Latin America.

SeeMore Playhouse: Fire Safety is to save through many local Red Cross chapters of the Red Cross, Borders Books, Rite Aid and many other retailers available. Five % of the purchase price of the DVD supports the programs and services of the American Red Cross. 35,000 employees, more information on Red Cross fire safety, to learn more about SeeMore Playhouse to learn even if you find the show in a clip a clip of fire safety DVD, visit Contact your local Red Cross chapter about programs in your area, the children, them them become safer and better prepared.

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