As long as the guidelines were met by the manufacturers

Prior to Section 401 of the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act guidelines which allowed the dissemination of information on unapproved use of FDA-approved products. As long as the guidelines were met by the manufacturers, the dissemination of such materials was not approved by the FDA as evidence of an intention to the unit for an off-label promotion of the use viewing. However, Section 401 expired on 30 September 2006 . The FDA Good Reprint Practices draft guidance recommends principles manufacturers should follow when they distribute scientific or medical journal reprints, articles or publications.

It also recommends the draft guidelines for the distribution of special supplements or publications by one or more by one or more of the manufacturers of the product have been funded in the article, and articles that by credible by credible to be false to be false and and should not be distributed. The FDA has legal authority to to determine whether the distribution of an article or publication is promoting unapproved new use or whether such activities cause a product false false or distorted under The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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