African leaders renew commitment to providing HIV treatment.

African leaders renew commitment to providing HIV treatment, prevention services African leaders meeting about the sidelines of the 67th session of the US General Assembly known as [Wednesday] for innovative solutions to accelerate the response to Helps, tuberculosis and malaria also to advance health for folks on the continent, the U here .N. Information Centre reports. At their conference at U.N. Headquarters, the leaders discussed the African Union Roadmap, which outlines long-term sustainable ways of finance and provide access to HIV treatment and prevention services and other health services in Africa as needed in the Millennium Advancement Goals , the news headlines services writes, adding, Leaders echoed the necessity for strong political leadership and improved nation ownership and, as an initial step, decided to accelerate the execution of the Roadmap, regarding to a news release issued by UNAIDS .

Higher pressure may damage the optic nerve, leading to blindness. The study provides the 1st physiologic clue about the link between competition and risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading reason behind blindness among African-Americans. Compared to Caucasians, glaucoma is approximately six times more common in African-Americans, and blindness due to glaucoma is roughly 16 times much more likely in African-Americans. Our findings suggest there might be physiologic differences in oxygen rate of metabolism between African-People in america and Caucasians, says initial writer Carla J. Siegfried, MD. Inside our studies, we weren’t looking at African-Americans particularly, but the racial difference in oxygen levels was significant, and we believe this observation deserves further study. The researchers measured oxygen levels in the eye of sufferers who were having surgery for cataracts or glaucoma or both.