Action alert: Just 2 days left to help end the FDAs regulatory war on small.

The Farm and Ranch Independence Alliance has also posted an action alert upon this issue, stating: The FDA wants to have the ability to revoke farmers’ and producers’ exemptions without respecting basic principles of fairness and due process. Essentially, which means that any farmer or producer targeted by the FDA for revocation of its exemption will almost certainly go out of business. Click here to read the Farm and Ranch Independence alert which describes this problem in much more detail. Click here for full instructions and links on how best to submit your own comments to the FDA.Slightly more than 15 % of teens reported cyberbullying in the past year. Once again, Alabama had the lowest price, with 12 % of teens reporting cyberbullying. And South Dakota had the highest rates at nearly 20 %, the study said. Todd Herrenkohl, a professor of cultural work at the University of Washington in Seattle, said, ‘This study provides an important perspective in the role of anti-bullying laws in preventing self-reported bullying behaviors among students.’ The study is among the first to examine this presssing issue systematically and the findings are convincing, he said. ‘However, anti-bullying laws by themselves are insufficient to address this enduring problem,’ Herrenkohl said. State laws are important to the extent that state laws boost awareness of the problem and result in action, he said.