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Army,’ said Todd Kneale, president and chief working officer of Integrated Medical Systems, Inc. ‘Furthermore, these funds can make possible essential enhancements to the MedEx 1000 system before last delivery of the initial units by year end. We welcome the Protection Department’s feeling of urgency and indication of commitment to transforming critical treatment on the battlefield.’ The business’s vice president for engineering, Frank Goodman, added, ‘This commitment by the Defense Department will result in even greater safety and effectiveness for combat casualties as well as their caregivers.’ About the MedEx 1000 The MedEx 1000 can be a portable unit designed to supply ICU efficiency for adult and pediatric sufferers. The MedEx 1000 combines the following medical device capabilities into a single platform: Physiological monitoring , low rate and high rate infusion pumps, a fluid warmer, a ventilator with skin tightening and monitoring capabilities and the ability to deliver oxygen to an individual.Obviously, the provision of adequate sanitation and clean drinking water is essential for avoiding the further spread of the Haitian cholera epidemic.3 Vaccination would help to prevent the spread of disease also, although cholera vaccines are an issue. Our findings claim that public health actions to counter the spread of cholera30-32 in Hispaniola could reduce the dissemination of the brand new South Asian strain and the virulence genes that it carries beyond the shores of this Caribbean island.. A link found between atrial fibrillation and Alzheimer’s disease Researchers at Intermountain INFIRMARY in Salt Lake Town believe that they have made a breakthrough connection between atrial fibrillation, a reasonably common heart rhythm disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease, the leading form of dementia among People in america.