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PEM scanners, which are about the size of an ultrasound program, are manufactured by Naviscan, Inc. And have been available since 2007 commercially.. Alliance Imaging to provide mobile PEM imaging services in the continuing state of Florida Today that Alliance Imaging Naviscan announced, a division of Alliance Healthcare Services, will be offering mobile Positron Emission Mammography imaging services in the condition of Florida. As PEM imaging provides increased in demand, Alliance Imaging provides added this service to continue its commitment to offer advanced diagnostic imaging providers to its customers.It causes arthritis flare ups in severe patients also. In such cases the soreness loses its impact after 48 hours. Gluten Many arthritis affected patients are found to be Gluten intolerant also. This chemical compound mainly found in oats, wheat, barley and rye can be a hidden cause behind the sudden pain and swelling in the joints. Oats and wheat which are considered to be healthy foods should be prevented by joint pain victims and replaced by rice crackers, nuts, seeds, tuna and essential olive oil. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates or high sugar content food items should be consumed in very less amounts by people suffering from chronic joint problems. Sugar is known to exacerbate irritation and ache. An increase in the quantity of sugar intake outcomes in fat gain which thereby causes additional stress on joints.