595 cases including 1.

15,595 meningitis cases this season in Africa Two months in to the dried out season in the African Meningitis Belt , 15,595 cases including 1,670 deaths have already been reported to the World Health Business from four countries: Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Uganda. Two of the national countries, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are in the extreme south of the Meningitis Belt, which stretches from Senegal in the West to Ethiopia in the East, an area with an estimated inhabitants of 300 million people.The mean age was nearly identical in the group of 243 patients with PTSD and the group of 453 sufferers without PTSD. Of the 653 sufferers for whom data on sex were available, 99 percent were males. The Injury Severity Score for 90 percent of accidental injuries was 16 or much less; the rest of the 10 percent of accidents, with a score greater than 16, were regarded as serious, and the rates of serious injury were somewhat higher in PTSD-negative patients . There were no marked or significant differences between PTSD-positive and PTSD-negative patients for the majority of selected scientific and resuscitation-related variables, including mild traumatic brain injury, rating on the Glasgow Coma Level, intubation, and chemical substance paralysis with anesthesia.